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Title: Spread The Word 3 Spread The Word 3
Country/Region: China
Language: Chinese
Start Date: Jan 09, 2012
Operation Status: Completed
Targeted Number of Bibles 10000
Bibles Sponsored 10000
Bibles Waiting
to be Sponsored

Description of the Area:
Critics of the Chinese government warn that authorities appear to be tightening restrictions on human rights rather than making positive change. Chinese citizens bold enough to voice their concerns over or disagreement with government policies are still often subjected to detention, physical and psychological abuse, and extortion, only to be released weeks later.

In addition, the National Peopleís Congress recently published proposed revisions to the Criminal Procedure Law that would give police the power to secretly detain suspects for up to six months in cases involving state security, terrorism or serious cases of corruption. The current law requires police to notify detaineesí families within 24 hours of their arrest. It is unclear how the revision would affect Christians meeting in unapproved house churches if the proposal becomes law.

Regardless of the outcome, Chinese Christians arenít likely to be deterred. They continue to spread Godís Word despite their governmentís oppressive human rights policies. They have counted the cost of following Christ and consider it a privilege to serve as evangelists to their friends and neighbors.

Description of the Operation:
Any action that the government interprets as endangering state security ó including worshiping in unapproved house churches ó can result in arrests by local police. But Chinese Christians are persistent in their efforts to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to family, friends and neighbors.

You can help spread the Word!

By partnering with the latest Bibles Unbound operation, you can help ensure that 10,000 Bibles make it into the hands of men, women and children in China who need Bibles. Our partners in China are standing by to distribute these Bibles to those in need, but they must first be sponsored by people like you.

Join us in this Bibles Unbound operation, and help ensure that Chinese Christians are able to share the gospel with those who donít know Christ. Then, join us in prayer as we ask God to use the courageous witness of our brothers and sisters in China to bring more people into his kingdom.

Title: Sponsor Bibles for this Operation

This operation has already been completed, but you can sponsor these ones.

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