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Title: Audio Bible Package1 Audio Bible Package1
Country/Region: China
Language: Chinese
Start Date: Mar 08, 2012
Operation Status: Completed
Targeted Number of Bibles 10000
Bibles Sponsored 10000
Bibles Waiting
to be Sponsored
Image: Featured Operation

Description of the Area:
She could read, but she had never seen these Chinese-language characters. What did they mean? How should she pronounce them? Since the Chinese language uses characters instead of an alphabet, words cannot be sounded out. Chinese believers must learn new words and characters in the Bible from another person. You canít say the books of the Bible if you have never heard them and memorized the characters. You canít read the genealogy of Jesus in Mathew Chapter 1 if you donít know how to pronounce the Hebrew names.
Join us in helping Christians in China by providing them with audio-Bible packages that include five print Bibles and one audio Bible. Chinese Christians are eager to follow along in their own Bible as they listen to an audio Bible read in their language. This enables them to learn what the Chinese-language characters look like and how they are pronounced. By hearing the Bible read to them as they follow along in their own brand new Bible, they can learn in a very short time what took many believers years to learn.

Description of the Operation:
You now have an opportunity to provide this great tool to Chinese believers. A donation of $30 will sponsor five Chinese Bibles and one audio Bible to help new Christians in China learn Godís Word. They will hear clear pronunciations of the Hebrew and Greek words they have never heard before. They will gain a new and deeper understanding of Godís Word as their senses of both sight and hearing are engaged at the same time.
By partnering with the latest Bibles Unbound operation, you can help ensure that 10,000 Bibles and 2,000 MP4 audio Bibles make it into the hands of men, women and children in China who need them. Our partners in China are standing by to distribute these Bibles, but they must first be sponsored by people like you.
Join us in this Bibles Unbound operation, and help ensure that Chinese Christians are able to read and hear Godís Word in their own language and share the gospel with those who donít know Christ. Then, join us in praying that God will use the courageous witness of our brothers and sisters in China to bring more people into his kingdom.

Title: Sponsor Bibles for this Operation

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