Title: Join Bibles Unbound

Here's How It Works

Start at the BiblesUnbound Website.

  1. Choose an Operation to support. An Operation is a specific list of people in need of a Bible. More than one operation may be associated with one country/region. To choose the Featured Operation, click the "View Now" button. Alternately you can search for Operations by clicking on a Country/Region Name under Operations Search.
  2. From the Operations page, learn more about the area and a description of the specific operation. Select how many Bibles you wish to give each month (multiples of five.) The cost is $6.00 each, which covers the cost of the Bibles and the cost to deliver in the restricted nation.
  3. After placing your order you will receive a confirmation message by email. Shortly after the payment date you have chosen you will receive an email notification.

See What's Happening

At any time you can return to the BiblesUnbound.com Website and logon to view the Operations Map. The Crosses will show where your Bibles have been sent.

Once on the site, you can also learn about other Countries/Regions in need of the Word and other opportunities to participate.