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Title: Vietnam-Worsening 4 Vietnam-Worsening 4
Country/Region: Vietnam
Language: Vietnamese
Start Date: Feb 27, 2012
Operation Status: Completed
Targeted Number of Bibles 7160
Bibles Sponsored 7160
Bibles Waiting
to be Sponsored

Description of the Area:
Although Vietnamís constitution grants freedom of worship, reports indicate that persecution continues for Christians. In recent incidents, authorities attempted to shut down Protestant Christmas services, bulldozed a Bible school, and attacked a U.S. diplomat who attempted to visit an imprisoned religious freedom advocate.

The U.S. State Department acknowledged in its 2010 Religious Freedom Report that while some improvements have been made, Vietnam continues to violate the religious freedoms it claims to protect. Violations include harassing and using excessive force against members of religious groups, delaying the approval of registrations of Protestant congregations, and refusing to allow translation of the Bible into the Hímong dialect.

Despite the ongoing persecution, Vietnamese Christians faithfully exercise their freedom in Christ by spreading the gospel to their neighbors.

Description of the Operation:
Christians living in Vietnam are under continual threat of persecution by the hostile Communist government. But that doesnít stop them from sharing the good news. Unfortunately, Bibles can be hard to obtain for recent converts.

Thatís where you can help!

By partnering with the latest Bibles Unbound operation, you can help ensure that thousands of Bibles make it into the hands of men, women and children in Vietnam who are eager to grow in the faith. Our partners in Vietnam are standing by to distribute these Bibles to their neighbors, but they need your help.

Join us in this Bibles Unbound operation, and help ensure that the good news of the gospel continues to spread in Vietnam. Then, join us in praying that Vietnamese Christians will remain steadfast in their obedience to God, even when it costs them dearly.

Title: Sponsor Bibles for this Operation

This operation has already been completed.


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