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Title: India-SLASHED #4 India-SLASHED #4
Country/Region: India
Language: India Dialects
Start Date: Sep 23, 2019
Operation Status: Completed
Targeted Number of Bibles 10000
Bibles Sponsored 10000
Bibles Waiting
to be Sponsored

Description of the Area:
Just a few days before Christmas, the Christians were standing in the living room of the home, eyes closed and hands lifted singing praise songs when the Hindu radicals burst in the room. They began to beat everyone within arms’ reach. Quick-thinking believers toward the front of the room hurriedly pushed the pastor and most of the children into a back room and stood in front of the door to protect them.
Meanwhile the Hindus beat the Christians with sticks and slashed at them with a sword. The attack ended when the pastor’s mother tossed chili powder into the attackers’ eyes. The Christians quickly helped the severely wounded to the hospital, where they sang “I will live for you, and I will die for you.”
The 2019 reelection of Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi has emboldened Hindu radicals throughout India, and attacks on Christians are becoming increasingly common. Imagine enduring this regular persecution without a Bible.

Description of the Operation:
India is home to 1.3 billion people, and Bibles remain unaffordable for many Christians. The remoteness of some rural regions further hinders access to Bibles. For those without a Bible, suffering for Jesus without the Scriptures to help buoy them is incredibly challenging. You can help us provide our Christian brothers and sisters in India with the lifeline of God’s Word. Workers throughout this vast nation will distribute these Scriptures across the country, carrying them by car, by hand and even pack animal to wherever they are most needed.

Title: Sponsor Bibles for this Operation

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