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Country/Region: Cuba
Language: Spanish Cuba
Start Date: Dec 23, 2019
Operation Status: Completed
Targeted Number of Bibles 6700
Bibles Sponsored 6700
Bibles Waiting
to be Sponsored

Description of the Area:
Even though the church had permission to build, the government revoked their permit without warning. The Maranatha Baptist Church was established in 1932 and has grown to a congregation of 700 people worshipping in the main building. They were bursting at the seams. Though Cuba does not permit new church construction, because Maranatha was founded prior to the communist revolution, they were allowed to refurbish and expand their building when they requested permission in 2017. However, after spending $1,500 on permits in a country where the average monthly salary is $30, the building approval was suddenly revoked. The pastor said he believes the government is punishing Cuban Christians for their rejection of a new constitution that would legalize gay marriage.

Description of the Operation:
Though great strides have been made in Bible distribution, access remains restricted. Two years ago, Cuba allowed the legal purchase and sale of Bibles to members of the ecumenical Protestant church organization only, but most Christian literature remains illegal. There are no Christian bookstores on the island and Bibles can cost up to a third of a workerís monthly income. You can help us provide our Christian brothers and sisters in Cuba with the lifeline of Godís Word. Workers throughout this nation will distribute these Scriptures across the country, carrying them by car, by hand and even pack animal to wherever they are most needed.

Title: Sponsor Bibles for this Operation

This operation has already been completed.


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