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Title: India - ENDURE#3 India - ENDURE#3
Country/Region: India
Language: India Dialects
Start Date: Mar 26, 2021
Operation Status: Active
Type: Covert    what's this?
Targeted Number of Bibles 10000
Bibles Sponsored 1965
Bibles Waiting
to be Sponsored

Description of the Area:
Kashi, a former Hindu woman who came to know Christ, had longed for a Bible but never been able to obtain one. Her prayer was answered when she received her own copy of God’s Word at a VOM Bible distribution. “It is hard for me to go to church because of my family situation, as they do not allow me to go,” she shared with a front-line worker. “But I can study about God now from the Bible.”
As the number of people placing their faith in Christ grows in India, so does persecution at the hands of family members and fellow villagers. Christians often face a life of poverty as members of India’s lower castes, and some exist outside the caste system entirely. The steady increase in both believers and persecution underscores a resulting urgent need for more Bibles.
Another new Christian who received a Bible, named Gangamma, said, “I have endured a lot of persecution at the hands of my parents and husband. But they are nothing compared to knowing that the Lord Jesus cleansed me of all my sins. Today is another great day for me, as my long-lasting desire for a Bible has been fulfilled.”
The 2019 reelection of Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi has emboldened Hindu radicals throughout India, and attacks on Christians are becoming increasingly common. Imagine enduring this regular persecution without a Bible.

Description of the Operation:
At one recent distribution, about 75 percent of those receiving Bibles were new believers. “Most of the pastors … expressed that their churches are growing both in number as well as in spiritual maturity,” a Christian worker said. “Members are now sensing their responsibility of reading, listening and sharing with their friends and neighbors.” And as these new believers study God’s Word, they become better prepared to face persecution in the days ahead.
Even though India has one of the largest Bible societies in the world, VOM workers regularly find rural Christians in areas under persecution who have never had access to Bibles. Bibles remain unaffordable for many Christians who suffer severe poverty in Hindu- and Muslim-controlled areas, and the large population, remoteness of some rural regions and widespread illiteracy continue to pose challenges for Bible distribution. You can help us provide our Christian brothers and sisters in India with the lifeline of God’s Word. Workers throughout this vast nation will distribute these Scriptures across the country, carrying them by car, by hand and even pack animal to wherever they are most needed.

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