Our persecuted brothers and sisters have two requests: "Please pray for us" and "Please send Bibles!" Now you can serve both needs and be directly connected with your persecuted family.

Today, persecuted Christians throughout restricted and hostile nations are quietly gathering names of people who are requesting Bibles - both Christians and non-Christians seeking to know more about Christ.

Some of these people have waited years for a copy of the Bible in their own language, and many have never even owned a Bible. In most of these countries, having a Bible is a great risk. However, the requests continue: "Please send Bibles!"

Once the names are collected, they are imported into the Bibles Unbound system under a designated "operation," and Bibles Unbound members can then sponsor Bibles for specific individuals. The individuals' names are securely placed in a member's "mission page" so the member can pray for those for whom they have sponsored Bibles.

Once funds are received through the Bibles Unbound program, Bibles are printed in the appropriate language and smuggled directly to the field worker who collected the names. When the field worker receives the Bibles, he or she distributes them to those who previously requested the Bibles.

Whenever possible, VOM will distribute complete copies of the Bible. Where it is too dangerous or costly to deliver complete Bibles, VOM will deliver New Testaments.

In areas too dangerous to even collect names, a special "Covert" operation is assigned where you partner with Bible Couriers working at great risks to distribute Bibles.

Imagine the joy of a believer in a restricted nation who receives a complete Bible in his or her language for the very first time. They will be blessed by knowing it came from a believer in the west who responded directly to their need and is praying for them. Or perhaps your sponsored Bible will go to a person whose Bible was confiscated or destroyed by authorities hostile to the gospel. Or maybe it will go to someone who wants to share the Scripture with a Muslim or unbelieving friend.

Regardless of the exact situation, your contribution will have a direct effect on believers around the world who live in very dangerous areas.

Simply sign up at BiblesUnbound.com, and commit to participating in one or more ministry operations. Each month you will receive the names of five or more people for whom you have sponsored a Bible. Participants in Covert Operations will receive the name(s) of the assigned Bible courier(s) they are supporting.

You are then able to follow your Bible sponsorship online as well as access an archive of all the individuals for whom you have sponsored Bibles. An online interactive map will display the nations to which you have sent Bibles, becoming a permanent reminder of your partnership of service with today's persecuted church.

When possible, VOM will also upload testimonies from our field workers who are distributing the Bibles.

For each donation of only $30.00 per month, you will provide for the full cost of printing and secretly distributing five Bibles.

"Wherein I suffer trouble, as an evil doer, even unto bonds; but the word of God is not bound." - The Apostle Paul, 2 Timothy 2:9, KJV

Christians in hostile countries are frequently beaten or arrested for sharing their faith in Jesus Christ. Many have never even owned a complete Bible in their native language. However, they will not back down. These believers are ready to share their faith and the Word of God with curious neighbors, co-workers and even those opposed to the gospel.

Until recently, Christians in the free world could pray for the safety and evangelistic efforts of believers in hostile nations, but they had few ways to provide practical help. Now, through Bibles Unbound, we can add actions to our prayers by sponsoring Bibles for them to study and to share with others.

"It is often difficult and dangerous to speak openly about my faith. That's why the Bibles Unbound program is so important to me. Thank you for this incredible program that helps us further the gospel of Jesus Christ."

- Wu Xiong, a former prisoner for Christ and leader of a Chinese house church

Would you like to be a part of this exciting program to distribute Bibles in restricted nations and pray directly for those who receive them? Would you like to track your global impact online and be part of a new community of Christians willing to boldly stand with today's persecuted church?

If so, please join Bibles Unbound today!